Easter eggs hunts aren’t just for little kids – older kids can enjoy them too. Here are Checkoutspy’s favourite five Easter Egg hunt ideas.

1. Classic Easter Egg Hunt
This is the easter egg hunt that is most popular. Hide chocolate or plastic easter eggs in a designated area and let your children find them. This is great for all ages – the older the child, the less obvious the hiding places can be. Don’t forget to make a note of where you have hidden all the eggs to ensure that all of them are found in time.

2. Night-time Easter Egg Hunt
Night easter egg hunts are a great idea for older children or even adults! The premise is the same as the classic easter egg hunt however it takes place in the dark and everyone is given a torch.

3. Gift Easter Egg Hunt
Instead of using plastic or chocolate easter eggs, give out small gifts instead. Place numbered stickers on plastic easter eggs and after the hunt is over hold a tombola. Each number should match up to one prize. Kids can start bargaining with each other for different gifts if they want too.

4. Easter Egg Hunt with Clues
There are two variants on this type of easter egg hunt. The first is to have a clue for each Easter Egg. You could also help your kids brush up on their maths skills at the same time by using multiple choice questions such as:
Q: What is 6×4?
a) 12 – in the bath tub
b) 24 – on a dining room chair
c) 26 – in the microwave

Alternatively, you could create a treasure map (this is probably better for easter egg hunts that take place in the garden). This can be as imaginative or realistic as you want it to be.

5. Spider’s Web Easter Egg Hunt
Last but not least is the spider’s web easter egg hunt. For this you will need a really long piece of string or wool. If you have multiple children, use a different coloured piece of wool for each. Take a piece of wool and wind it around a room – under sofas, around chair legs etc. At the end of the piece of wool attach an easter egg. Give each child the start of the wool. They must unwind it all before they can find and have their egg.

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