Valentine’s day is nearly upon us. If you are looking for Valentine’s day inspiration, CheckoutSpy is here to help!

Avoid the Valentine’s Day Aisle
Everywhere you look there are fluffy hearts adorning underwear, bears and much, much more. But that doesn’t mean that they will make a good gift. Thoughtful presents are really the ones that count so take a moment to think about your loved one’s likes and dislikes. Maybe they are a collector and would like something new for their collectibles shelf; perhaps they’d like tickets to a sporting event or show; something personalised might also show that some planning went into your gift.

Free gifts
Sometimes, finances just won’t stretch to a large gift – but that doesn’t mean you can’t give something that will be greatly appreciated. If you are creative, design or make something yourself. Alternatively, consider making a book of ‘treat vouchers’ that can be redeemed – for example a hug, a walk in the park, an evening off from doing chores.

A box of chocolates is probably one of the most given gifts on Valentine’s day. Make them special by either going for a limited edition box of chocolates or by giving a personalised chocolate bar. Or, why not try your hand at making your own chocolates with a chocolate making kit?

Rose Petals
Lightly scented rose petals make for a wonderfully romantic accessory. And they are biodegradable too! 1 pint of petals is about enough for 10 handfuls.

Valentine’s Day Cards
Last but not least is a Valentine’s Day card – either make your own or order a personalised one.


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