Bath toys are a great idea for helping to keep bath times fun for your little ones.

There are such a range of bath toys on offer so which ones offer the best value for money?

1. Bath Time Squirters
Colourful bath time squirters add some fun to the bath whilst stimulating your child’s imagination. They can be used from babies right through to toddlers and older children, however do check that whatever toys you use they are the right age range for your child.

2. Bath Crayons
Bath crayons are easy to wash off crayons designed for use at bathtime. They help your child be creative and because they wash off easily, there’s no mess!

3. Foam Letters and Numbers
Foam letters and numbers are brightly coloured pieces of foam that stick to the sides of the bath or tiles when they are wet. They are a fantastic way to help your child learn their alphabet and numbers whilst also helping with hand to eye coordination. For older children, they are a good way of encouraging basic maths skills too.

4. Bath Books
Bath books are suitable for any age. Made of materials such as PVC, they often come with suckers so they can attach to the side of the bathtub. Bright colours mean bath books are a great addition to a baby’s bathtime routine. Bath books are great as they can help stimulate your child’s senses.

5. Stacking Cups
Brightly coloured stacking cups or boats often come in a set with different colours and numbers or pictures on them. This helps your child to expand their vocabulary. It also helps with manual skills when they stack them and helps with good hand to eye coordination.


Do you have a favourite bath time toy? Let us know in the comments below!

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