keeping goldfish in a pondMany people prefer to have smaller fish in their ponds rather than larger fish, particularly if the pond is not particularly large. It is perfectly possible to keep goldfish happily in your outdoor pond instead of koi however there are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

At a basic level, all fish need clean water and the right fish food.

Many fish will also require particular temperatures and may die if they get too cold. This means that during colder weather – particularly during autumn and winter – smaller fish should be brought inside and put into a temporary pond to ensure they stay warm enough. However if your pond is fairly deep, fish such as fantails, shubunkins and comets may be able to survive as long as they can get deep enough to prevent freezing.

It may be worth investing in a pond heater so that in very cold weather, your pond doesn’t fully freeze and ensures that gaseous exchange continues.

A pond filter is a must as this will help maintain the quality of the water in the pond.

Although outdoor ponds will have their water levels fluctuate throughout the year, you may want to consider topping up with rain water – and this will mean that you will need a suitable container for collecting rain water such as a water butt. These fit easily to the side of most houses and can collect rain run off from gutters.

Rain water is often considered better than tap water as tap water can have higher levels of chemicals in that promote algae growth. Tap water may also contain chemicals such as chlorine that can affect the natural balance in your pond and adversely affect the plants and fish that you keep.

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