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5 Free Easter Party GamesEaster is a great time for families and friends to come together and have a small party. There are many party games that can be played both indoors and outdoors – here at Checkout Spy‘s favourite 5 Easter Games that require little or no outlay.


1. Easter Egg Hunt

If the weather is good, this is the perfect outdoor game. However if the weather is poor, it can still be played indoors. You can either hide real eggs, chocolate eggs or egg shaped cards. For younger children, you might want to provide them with a map marked with crosses; for older children, try several cryptic clues instead


2. Egg and Spoon Race

A traditional fun game – use plastic eggs for young children and hard boiled eggs for older children. To add a twist, make an obstacle course to navigate or have the children pair up and have a three-legged egg and spoon race! If you have a larger party, you can also host a relay egg and spoon race.


3. Egg Painting

First you will need to ‘blow’ the egg. You can do this by making a small hole at either end and blowing the contents out. Alternatively, just use hard boiled eggs.

If you want to dye the whole egg a particular colour, mix some food colouring with water and a couple of drops of vinegar. Submerge the eggs for up to 5 minutes before removing and allowing to dry. The eggs can then be decorated – at a simple level, use felt tip pens or acrylic pens. If you want a shiny egg, use nail varnish. Eggs can also be decorated with sequins, ribbon, feathers, glitter – whatever takes your fancy!


4. The Barnyard

This is a noisy and fun game for children! Cut some pieces up into small rectangles. Either draw or write the names of different animals on them – split the number of animals you choose into groups for example if you have 12 children, you might want to have 6 or 4 different animals written onto the pieces of paper.

Fold the pieces of paper and put them in each bowl. Every child must then take one of the slips of paper but not show anyone. When you say go, the child must act out the animal on the paper – by moving like the animal and making a noise like the animal. The first group of animals to find each other are the winners.


5. Balloon Defence

This game is perfect for larger parties of children where there is plenty of room available. Form several groups of children. Each group is given a handful of (blown up) balloons. First, each group must make a ‘fort’. Each team must then divide themselves into two – the ‘snatchers’ and the ‘defenders’. When you give the word, the snatchers must try and grab as many balloons from other teams as possible whilst the defenders try and prevent their balloons from being stolen. The winners are the ones who have the most balloons in their fort at the end of a given time limit.

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