How to encourage butterflies into your gardenHaving butterflies in your garden adds a splash of extra color and interest. Although some people are wary because fo the damage caterpillars can do to their plants, the reality is that there are very few that are garden pests as most larvae will feed on wildflowers.

So how can you attract a good range of butterflies into your garden?

The simple answer is, of course, have lots of flowers in your garden. However you need to provide the right flowers in the right environment for a true butterfly friendly garden.

A wide range of flowers – both wild and garden – are a must. Particularly look for those which like to grow in warm sheltered places. Examples of butterfly friendly planys include:
* Marigolds
* Cornflowers
* Hyssop
* Red Valerian
* Lavender
* Thyme
* Heather
* Hawthorn
* Dandelion
* Clover
* Buttercup

If you are lucky enough to have fruit trees in your garden, leave any fallen fruit on the ground as particular butterfly species such as the admiral and painted lady like to feed on over-ripe fruit juices. If possible, avoid as many pesticides as possible too.

You will also need to think about helping caterpillars. Plants that caterpillars may like include:
* Cabbage and brassicas
* Holly and ivy
* Stinging Nettles
* Thistles


If you would like to know more about attracting butterflies into your garden, browse CheckoutSpy’s range of butterfly books.

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